Hello my name is Yao, welcome to my web-site, i hope firstly that you enjoy what you see, and that it gives a little insight into my world, and my love of the countryside that surrounds me here in East Sussex.
Born in Africa to a Scottish mother and Welsh father ,i came to photography late in life ,recovering from an accident, and i'm glad i did. My father was an avid book-collector, as children we were surrounded by thousands of books, of all kinds and a myriad of topics. All those images, stories and tales have influenced me all my life.
In my life thus far i've traded Antiques,raced Greyhounds,gardener and builder.interior design. Lived, worked and travelled overseas in many countries. But perhaps my biggest passion has always been horses. I've owned them, trained them, driven them, from `Shires to Morgans to hunters. All those formative years watching Cowboys and Indian films, wanting to be a stuntman, jockey or vet.
Its this randomness to my life which is reflected in my photography, the absorption of all i've seen and done.I'm not a trained photographer in any way,i'm self-taught,just following my own path, and hopefully bringing a little something to others. But when i step out the front door i can only be me, and see how the world looks today with my eyes.
Welcome to my world , and i hope you enjoy the journey along the way.

All prints are available to buy, in whatever format you desire, using the best materials there are. If you have any queries. questions or requests please dont hesitate to contact me, thank you.
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